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For the last phone system that you will ever buy! A hosted VOIP phone system
eliminates so many problems and includes so many benefits.  Easily and cost effectively
manage additional employees.  See who is on and how much time they spend on the
phone.  Need to work from home today because the washing machine repair man is
coming?  Just take your phone home and it's just like you are in the office!  Eliminate
your phone line costs and get a fixed cost for long distance.  For more information and a
quote, click

    Your professionally managed business VOIP phone system:
Infinitely Scalable
No upfront infrastructure cost
Manage your business anywhere with
WebLINK Internet Control Panel

We will be happy to give you a free consultation to get you started.  We will guide you
through system choices, configuration, options and installation.
Net One
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For All Your VoIP System Needs
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